“Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started.”

In other words, just start writing. Today. Don’t worry about your niche.

The day I read those words by Austin Kleon, creator and author of Steal Like An Artist, was the day I began celebrating my ever-expanding writing portfolio.

Yes, not having a so-called “writing niche” used to bother me. But, thanks to Kleon, not anymore. Topical diversity is my brand.

The fact that I can capture the splendor of the Venetian lagoon AND the spectacle of an Ed Sheeran concert bodes well for those here reading for enjoyment or for those needing a freelancer for an upcoming project.

Let me explain.

Think of me as a Jill of all trades. Someone who knows a little about a lot of things.

Myriad life experiences have nurtured my range of writing interests. A degree in journalism. Ten years freelancing for trade and consumer mags covering topics from produce merchandising to art. My current teaching practice. My experience as a parent.

What do all those experiences both reveal and cultivate? A diverse and insatiable curiosity about the world.

And if I’m curious about something, I write about it.

Make my curiosity work for you.

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Let my curiosity about the world work for you just as it has for other readers, editors, and publishers. Read here for enjoyment or contact me if you need a freelancer to create written content… posts, articles, stories, reviews, or how-to pieces. I’m here to help.

Marilyn Yung


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