About Me

Let’s start at the beginning

I have a story that’s common to many women.

Like many who start a writing career in their mid-20s, the juggling act that ensues when marriage and family are thrown into the mix causes unexpected professional detours.

One afternoon, while wrapping up a call to a hard-to-reach source I was interviewing for an assignment, I could hear my one-year-old daughter stirring in her crib. I had done what was necessary to both work at home and take care of my daughter: I had scheduled the interview to coincide with my daughter’s usually predictable naptime.

However, with the interview not quite over, her cries unpredictably began to escalate.

My source, unaware of the situation, continued to speak, freely answering my questions, even adding interesting, unexpected details and digressions that I couldn’t turn away from. My thoughts rambled from the phone call. I wasn’t listening to my source. All I could hear was my daughter crying.

I felt guilty and selfish as a mother. Suddenly, the writing assignment seemed trivial.

The interview dwindled. My questions faltered. We hung up.

It was a decisive moment. While I had paved the way to a solid career in freelance writing with numerous articles and columns in the trade and consumer magazines below, my priorities would have to shift. I knew I had to give something up and it sure wasn’t going to be my family.

My writing career would have to wait. Here are some of the titles I was proud to work for.

This list details the selection of titles above I contributed to during my earlier freelance years. Some pieces were written on spec, but most were assigned by my editors after experiencing my reputation for providing clean, tightly-written, well-sourced copy on deadline.

  • Produce Merchandising magazine, contributing editor, Vance Publishing, Lenexa, Ks.
  • Produce Concepts magazine, writer, Vance Publishing, Lenexa, Ks.
  • Niche and American Style magazines, writer, The Rosen Group, Baltimore, Md.
  • The Crafts Report magazine, writer
  • Country Heart magazine, writer, New York, NY
  • Ceramics Monthly, writer
  • Raising Arizona Kids magazine, writer, Phoenix, Az.
  • Independent Business magazine, writer
  • Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, writer, Atlanta, Ga.

Fast forward to the present

Today, more than twenty years later, my husband and I have raised our children into strong adults and I have added ten years experience to my CV as a public school English teacher. This fall, I’ll be teaching part-time at a local university and enjoying more time to pursue writing again.

And suddenly, just like that, I enjoy having the time to write.

I produce two blogs: the one you’re reading and an education blog (with more than 300 posts!) called ELA Brave and True.

I also write occasionally on Medium, contributing to several publications on the platform.

While I continue to have a very full schedule, I welcome the opportunity to freelance again when my schedule and yours align.

Got a project?

Need to reach out to your customers with fresh, friendly copy that resonates and compels action? Contact me at the email below or on my Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Marilyn Yung

Please contact me at marilynyung@gmail.com.