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Anyone Who Has Time to Clean is Not Reading Nearly Enough

Books, books, and more books that I have read


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Here’s a list of books I have read off and on over the past year or so… all of which were excellent distractions from the writing I should have been doing. I have a hard time reading and writing simultaneously. I’m either reading all the time, or writing all the time.

These books are listed in no particular order. You can see that my interests are far-reaching. I can read about a TV sitcom one week, and ISIS the next. As a result, I know a little bit about a lot of things. It’s just who I am and I’ve come to accept it.

By Marilyn Yung

Writes | Teaches | Not sure where one ends and the other begins.

13 replies on “Anyone Who Has Time to Clean is Not Reading Nearly Enough”

I’ve been in your house many times and your house is not even cluttered, so you manage to get it all done one way or another.


I have read Caged Bird and the Dillard. I’ve even taught Caged Bird in one of my past lives. It’s a wonderful book, and IMO, by far the best writing that Angelou produced. Dillard is great writing, but she doesn’t move me the way other writers do. She’s just not my cuppa, I guess. Thank you SO much about Kin Types! I am so very happy you like it!

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