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Robert Redford Would Never be Pie

How I discovered Robert Redford dessert… finally.

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Robert Redford Dessert

My eyes lingered over the last line on the menu planned for Tuesday, January 7 at the Presbyterian Village, a retirement community located about a mile from my parents’ house. My daughter and I had picked up the menus to take to my parents who were planning to order a few meals for delivery.

“Robert Redford Dessert,” I said aloud.

“What’s Robert Redford Dessert?” my daughter asked.

“I don’t know, but it sounds delicious,” I said.  “I’m guessing it’s creamy, dreamy, and sweet,” I added.

This would be a good time to issue a disclaimer:

If you were born after, say 1990, you probably don’t know who Robert Redford is. Poor you. Redford is an actor and director with classic good looks, more than seventy movies to his name, and classic good looks. That’s all you need to know for now.

My daughter laughed because she fully appreciates my full appreciation for Robert Redford. I’ve made sure of that.

If there’s one thing we must teach our children it is this: Robert Redford.

True, thanks to her father she also appreciates Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, and The Dead Milkmen, but thanks to me, Robert Redford holds a special place in her heart — and on the menu of the Presbyterian Village.

Still, I wondered, how do I — of all people — not know what Robert Redford Dessert is? I suddenly doubted my self-worth. I swerved into my parents’ driveway. I pictured myself perusing the meal options with my parents before googling “Robert Redford Dessert” once we got inside.

We got inside.

I thrust the menus at my mom and reached for my phone.

I googled Robert Redford Dessert. The first result: Better than Robert Redford Dessert.

I scoffed. Better than Robert Redford Dessert?

Who do these people think they are?  

Don’t they know that Robert Redford cannot be improved upon? Obviously, these lost souls have drifted far and I’ll have nothing to do with them. I scrolled down the page.

The next result: Next Best Thing to Robert Redford Dessert.

I scoffed again, but not as much.  After all, at least these wayward souls acknowledge that their dessert — whatever that is — isn’t as good as the actual Robert Redford Dessert — whatever it is. I continued to scroll.

The next result: Robert Redford Dessert (My Way).

Okay, I can get behind that one, I thought. But I still want to find the original recipe and by original recipe, I’m not talking about this guy:

Oil painting by: Norman Rockwell (Public Domain)

Nope. I’m talking about this guy:

Pastel portrait by: Robert Pérez Palou [CC BY (

I kept scrolling. The next result: another ill-fated Next-Best-Thing-to-Robert Redford recipe. But this one was a PIE.  I laughed. Robert Redford and pie? Right. Robert Redford would never be a pie.

I paused… or would he?  Have I totally missed the mark on what Bob is all about?

What if I’ve been thinking he’s whipped topping and creamy French silk when all along he’s been pie?

Naaaahhhh. Keep scrolling, I told myself.

The next result: another twisted Better than Robert Redford Dessert.

Away from me, Satan! I kept scrolling.

The next result: Robert Redford Dessert Recipe.

I sighed. Finally. The one true Robert Redford Dessert recipe and possible key to the universe.

I read from the website:

  • ½ c. butter, softened (of course)
  • 1 c. all-purpose flour (you had me at butter)
  • 1 c. pecans (well, this makes me skeptical, but okay)
  • 8 ozs. cream cheese, softened (yes)
  • 1 c. powdered sugar (double yes)
  • (1) 10-oz. container frozen whipped topping, thawed (yes yes yes)
  • 2 c. prepared chocolate pudding (even better)
  • 2 c. prepared vanilla pudding (kind of a let-down, but whatever)
  • Chopped pecans and grated chocolate for garnish (as if he needs a garnish!)

The recipe directed to combine the first three ingredients to make a crust that bakes at 350 degrees. The rest are folded together and eventually layered into the cooled crust. The garnishes garnish. And voila! It’s Robert Redford in a pan, I thought.

Another website told me the dessert became popular in the ‘70s when Redford’s career was in full throttle. Think Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting. At potlucks, women could prepare the popular dessert and tell everyone they were bringing Robert Redford.

I skimmed the ingredients again. They were dreamy. Creamy. Silky. Smooth. Suave. Rugged. Weathered. Sophisticated. Creative. Classic. Yep, that’s Robert Redford Dessert.

All these years and I never knew such a decadent dish existed.

I returned to the kitchen table where my parents were making their meal selections. Neither of them mentioned anything about the Robert Redford Dessert.

I found that curious because when I was about eleven, they obviously understood the importance of teaching the next generation about Robert Redford. After all, they took me with them to the theater to see All the President’s Men, starring you-know-who along with Dustin Hoffman.

I sat down with my parents at the kitchen table. I leaned forward where the menus were arranged. One for my dad. One for my mom.

A feeling of gratitude washed over me.

“Thank you for taking me to see All the President’s Men,” I told them.

My mother looked up from the menus. “What are you talking about?”

“Thank you for taking me to see All the President’s Men. Thank you for teaching me about Robert Redford.”

She wrinkled her brow. “Okay,” she mumbled, clearly confused.

I prompted her. “The dessert. Did you see the dessert? Robert Redford Dessert? On Tuesday. The eighth? I appreciate him. And now Katherine appreciates him. You did your part. And now I’ve done mine. Y’know, teaching the next generation?”

Her eyes locked on mine a little too long… and then she turned to my dad, who was checking off their selections for the next week.

“Just circle the pork chop entrée for me,” she said quietly.

I dropped off their menus at the Presbyterian Village later that afternoon.

It’s true. I had never heard of  Robert Redford Dessert until a few weeks ago. For being his biggest fan, I found that shocking and just had to tell you about it. Have you ever heard of Robert Redford Dessert? Do tell. Or click here to read about another celebrity experience.

Featured Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

By Marilyn Yung

Writes | Teaches | Not sure where one ends and the other begins.

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