Tupperware and Diligence

Last night I washed all sorts of odd-shaped, knock-off Tupperware…

Last night I washed all sorts

of odd-shaped,

knock-off Tupperware:

Ovals, squares, rectangles,

all the annoying lids.

Now: after sleep and as coffee brews,

I lift the geometry from the drying rack.

Icy threads race from wrist to elbow,

sloughing off the water

that only thought it had secreted away

into the plastic frontier…

crouching inside peripheral grooves

and shallow recesses,

lying low within raised feet that harbor

country of origin logos, capacity specs,

washing instructions, recycle-me threats.

Now: to dry fully with a cloth or simply

toss into the Tupperware-but-not-Tupperware drawer?


I toss and move on.

— Marilyn Yung

Featured Photo: M. Yung

By Marilyn Yung

Writes | Teaches | Not sure where one ends and the other begins.

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