Italy (Venice) Poetry

10 Things You’ll Find in Venice in March: A List Poem

It’s the little things, folks.

  1. An unlit candle in a bowl on a round table outside a glowing café.
  2. A lone fuschia glove dropped on the steps of a bridge in Campo Sant’Angelo.
  3. A woman sweeping her windowsill with a handheld broom.
  4. A cocoa-brown poodle posing happily for its owner’s camera.
  5. A row of uncomfortable, wood-and-metal chairs lined up behind the pews in St. Zaccaria church.
  6. The staccato shouts of middle school students playing out-of-doors, just beyond a brick wall you cannot see behind.
  7. A woman begging for alms, kneeling, head down, enveloped in black, silent, holding a withered paper cup in her hand.
  8. Orange, lavender and smoky-gray marzipan fish glistening in a store full of sweets.
  9. A troop of ten-year-olds skateboarding in Campo Santa Margherita at nine o’clock on a Saturday night.
  10. An overturned green plastic flower box waiting for spring.
Photo: Marilyn Yung

Thanks for dropping by! I’ll be visiting Venice again in May. Look for more details in my future posts!

Featured Photo by Semyon Borisov on Unsplash

By Marilyn Yung

Writes | Teaches | Not sure where one ends and the other begins.

6 replies on “10 Things You’ll Find in Venice in March: A List Poem”

Your post reminds me how effective and satisfying a list can be! I really got a feeling of you using all your senses as you experienced an unfamiliar place. My favorite? #2- someone should write a novel based on the lone fuschia glove! I also loved hearing the students behind the wall, and the image of the marzipan fish, including the surprising color- gray!

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Yes, that glove! I wish I had taken a pic, but alas, I didn’t. We were there for a week, and it was nice to just be there and absorb the place. I have pictures of the marzipan, which didn’t really look that appetizing… realistic, but not appetizing.


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