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Can you hear the people sing?

Listen carefully to this video for the summer sounds of Skopelos.

Listen carefully for the summer sounds of Skopelos, Greece.

Some enchanted evening. Like for real.

My husband and I were sitting on our balcony high above the harbor of Skopelos Town. We could see people walking, dining, and socializing way down below on the waterfront street. Later, as we sipped our wine, I heard a chorus of voices singing a melody in a minor key.

It was beautiful, and my phone was near. Enjoy!

Listen carefully… can you hear it? Last summer, I heard voices rising from the depths of Skopelos Town on the island of the same name in Greece. I don’t know who was singing or for what reason, but it was a beautiful moment and one I had to capture and share. The sense of community in this village is strong. Enjoy this brief glimpse of Skopelos life! For a post from my blog full of photos of Skopelos, click here.

Featured Photo Credit: Photo by Evgenia Stergioula on Unsplash

By Marilyn Yung

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